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Creative Conversations

Converting conflict to cooperation


Conflict with patients and families

"However, it is my clear view that mediation should be attempted in all cases such as this one even if all that it does is achieve a greater understanding by the parties of each other’s positions."


The Honorable Mr Justice Francis

Great Ormond Street Hospital v Yates, Gard and Gard [2017] EWHC 1909 (Fam)


Conflict in teams

"Some felt that there was a persistent toxic atmosphere and stated that there was a 'dark force' in the unit.

"In our view the whole team shares responsibility for the failure to significantly improve professional relationships and to a degree surgical mortality."

“The surgical team is viewed as dysfunctional both internally and externally,”

Prof Mike Bewick 

Independent Review of Cardiac Surgery Service, St Georges Hospital NHS Trust. August 2018

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